NatureShield eco-friendly vehicle appearance products are as strong and effective as conventional professional grade products on the market without being hazardous.
Advances in the formulations and technology of eco-friendly and biodegradable products have made them just as effective yet being safer to handle and safer for our environment.

What does "eco-friendly" mean?
"Eco-Friendly" means safer solutions for a healthier environment. It means formulas that don’t use toxic or harsh ingredients, no H.A.P.s (hazardous air pollutants), no phosphates and the use of readily biodegradable surfactants which are safer for the environment than harsh, caustic agents.
What is the difference between car wax and NatureShield's Paint Sealant?
NatureShield Paint Sealant contains a polymer resin that actually bonds with your clear coat or paint surface. It will not wash off with regular washing like common waxes do.
What kind of cleaning solution is best for washing vehicle?
A pH-neutral car wash is best. Most dirt or sediment on your vehicle is either acid or alkaline based and a pH-neutral soap helps them both release more easily.
What is the best way to clean leather seats without damaging them?
Gentle cleaners are best for most leather seat cleaning. A soft cloth and bristled nylon brush will remove most common dirt and residue without damaging the leather. Always test your cleaner in a hidden location first to check for colorfastness.
What products are best for conditioning and protecting leather seats?
Leather seats require little conditioning to maintain their appearance, if cleaned regularly. High silicone-based conditioners actually attract and hold dirt. Permanent conditioners, like NatureShield’s Leather and Vinyl Protector, cure dry and protect your leather without leaving a sticky film.
Why is NatureShield Fabric Protector superior to other products for maintaining vehicle upholstery and carpet?
NatureShield Fabric Protector doesn’t wear off, even after repeated cleaning. It’s a permanent, resin-base formula.
What is the best way to remove the really tough stuff from vehicle finishes (tar, grease, adhesives, etc.)?
Paint-safe solvents are necessary for tough sediments. NatureShield’s Prep-Solve cuts grime, tar and grease easily and it’s safe and effective for all surfaces.
How can I get my aluminum wheels clean without damaging them?
First of all, don’t use an acid product. It will burn your aluminum wheels and damage them permanently. Look for a non-acid-based wheel and tire cleaner. NatureShield’s Wheel and Tire Cleaner is a non-acid product made with safety solvents and designed specifically for cleaning wheels and tires. It’s safe for your wheels, your detailer and the environment.