NatureShield offers a full line of eco-friendly vehicle appearance products that are rhino tough but gentle on the earth, maintaining both the good looks and resale value of the second largest investment most people will ever make.

Our Vision

NatureShield is a positive influence in the vehicle appearance industry. We are revolutionizing the way you approach cleaning with a simple and effective, eco-friendly line of products responsibly developed to be safer for the end user and the environment.

Our Story

In 2001, Nathan Bach started the first Nate’s Restoration, a vehicle detailing shop that has grown into a successful string of shops across Texas and Louisiana.

Early in the company’s growth, Nate began looking for alternatives to conventional car cleaning products that were costly to handle, store, and dispose due to their harmful ingredients.

Even with all the costly investment in safety procedures, Nate still couldn’t accept the risk that these harsh chemicals might take a toll on any employees’ health or the local wildlife.

The solution was to embrace a new line of car cleaning formulas that were eco-friendly and safer to use, while still doing all the hard work of conventional cleaners.

Inspired to see others benefit from the proven effectiveness of these new formulas, Nate released them as the NatureShield car cleaning product line for those who are also looking for responsible alternatives

Today, many in the vehicle appearance industry continue to choose NatureShield for its revolutionary products that are better for people, better for the environment, and often more affordable than conventional brands.

NatureShield’s formulas have everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

There is great satisfaction in producing and distributing NatureShield eco-friendly products.

What does “eco-friendly” mean?

Our eco-friendly vehicle appearance products contain no harsh ingredients, no hazardous air pollutants, no phosphates, are V.O.C. compliant and readily biodegradable. At NatureShield, the difference is what we don’t put in our products.

IT’S A FACT: A well-kept vehicle brings more at trade-in or resale!

Enjoy both the pleasure of driving a beautiful car and the financial reward when you’re ready to trade it in.

A vehicle in better-than-average condition will be worth hundreds, sometimes thousands, of additional dollars.

When you include the “NatureShield Warranty Protection”, automotive dealerships across the country will recognize it as a valuable “plus” that can command additional dollars at trade-in.

It’s a level of protection that says you’re serious about maintaining your automotive investment.

Contact us today to learn more about:

  1. Where you can get our certified Appearance Protection Coating.
  2. How to become a certified NatureShield installer and/or distributor.

NatureShield installers are factory-trained and certified to apply NatureShield Appearance Protection Coatings on every vehicle type, from small compacts to the largest SUV’s.

There is no greater satisfaction for a car owner than a beautiful appearance achieved responsibly.

For advanced product formulations, superior vehicle application techniques, and the ultimate in vehicle protection, insist on NatureShield!