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Tire Dressing

We often get questions about the tire dressing for tires. The simple straight forward answer is slight sheen that dries and leaves a natural clean look. Most silicon tire dressings leave a high gloss shine on the tire. The downside to that however is the dressing never dries and will attract dust and debris. It also will do what is called Sling and Cling, meaning it will sling the silicon up onto the quarter panels of the vehicle. This is very difficult to clean and is very unattractive on the vehicle.

NatureShield’s Multi-shine leaves and nice natural look on the tire while leaving a slight sheen which is what NADA has said customers prefer. The Multi-shine will also repel dust and provide a protective barrier against drying of the tire from the sun. You can also use Multi-Shine on your plastic surfaces in the interior of your vehicle to provide the same protective coatings against the sun’s rays while leaving a clean look. So when choosing a dressing for your tires be sure to ask your detailing service these questions. Does it sling and cling? Does it Dry and protect? Does it leave behind a greasy feel? Feel free to email NatureShield with any of these questions or others you may have about all of our products and we will be happy to assist you.