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Car Wash Concentrate Product

In this video Miranda tells us about NatureShield’s Car Wash Concentrate.  No actual demonstration in this video, just an explanation of this products features and strengths.  Perhaps the most interesting revelation is that NatureShield has taken new advances in wetting technology and used them to produce a car wash concentrate that cleans and shines with no streaking or spotting.  Special rinsing agents disperse dirt and dust easily while maintaining a high gloss shine.

Suitable for use by individual car owners or professional detail shops, Car Wash Concentrate is available in one gallon plastic bottles or in case lots.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Miranda with NatureShield where we have a full-line of Eco-friendly car care products. Today I would like to introduce you to our Car Wash Concentrate.

Our Concentrate is a hi-foaming car wash that shines while it cleans leaving no streaks due to its latest formulation in “wetting” technology. NatureShield Car Wash Concentrate contains a special rinse aid to disperse the dust and dirt easily while helping prevent wax loss even after repeated washing. With no harsh ingredients and a lower PH level our biodegradable Car Wash Concentrate is safer for handling and the environment.

Keep your cars looking great while being environmentally responsible with NatureShield’s full-line of Eco-friendly car care products.